Bit Z is listing BolttCoin

BitZ, the 4th largest Crypto exchange in the world, is listing BolttCoin

Bit Z which is the fourth largest exchange in the world, is listing BolttCoin on the 25th of February ie Monday.

Bit Z is leading the world in the new ecology of digital finance.

Bit-Z founded in 2016 in Hong Kong, is one of the most popular digital assets trading exchanges.

Bit-Z has established branches in 10 countries and regions including Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

Tokeninsight, the professional assessment agency, ranks Bit-Z as the fourth in the world.

Bit-Z team includes top talent from the international digital currency industry, as well as diversified professionals in various fields such as finance, social networking, games, and electric commerce.

Bit-Z is committed to providing the most efficient and secure service.

We are very excited for the BolttCoin trading to be launched on Bit Z on 25th February 2019.

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