Boltt BApp : The Commercial Launch

Official Announcement

We are pleased to inform our community that as committed, Boltt Protocol has delivered on all its promises today! The Boltt Coin BApp is finally ready to go commercial and live!

Our last official communication was post our IEO four month back. In that announcement, we clearly mentioned, that we have a deep responsibility to all contributors and we deeply care about our community. We believed that and always meant to deliver on our words.

We told our community to be patient, as we were continuously working on our Product : The Boltt Coin BApp.

And today the community will be able to see that hard work reflecting in our BApp.

Today, the Boltt Coin BApp has become an ALL IN ONE Health, Fitness, Gaming, Entertainment & Rewards platform, unlike any in the world!

The team has worked tireless nights in making this happen. We have garnered reputed partners from relevant industries, who have helped in achieving this.

Milestones Ahead

From here on, there are many more larger & bigger milestones to achieve!

Exchange Listings, Institutional Fund Raise to further the expansion of Boltt Coin BApp, Global expansion specially into Korea.

Klaytn Partnership

In the Boltt Coin BApp, we have now integrated the Klay Token. We have officially migrated to the Klaytn Blockchain.

We have been closely working with Klaytn and their team. Due to this migration onto their Blockchain, we look forward to many ecosystem benefits via Klaytn.

The Boltt Coin BApp : Concept

Fitness, Entertainment, Gaming & Rewards Ecosystem

At Boltt we have designed the worlds first Health, Fitness and Entertainment based crytocurrency.

Boltt is a Klaytn token which is rewarded to users, when they share their lifestyle data( Data around their personal health, fitness & entertainment activities) on Blockchain.

This enables users to own and control their data. By giving permission to share the data on the network, users are triggering decentralisation of the data and in return getting rewarded.

How do I Earn Boltt Token

The users contribute data to the Platform and in return receive Boltt Tokens. Organisations will be able to access data on the platform via Blockchain technology.

Users can contribute data around the following :


  • Health & Fitness : Users can choose to share data around their daily fitness levels


  • Music & Videos : Users can choose to share data around the content they consume in Videos and Music
  • Gaming: Users can choose to share data around the types of games they like to play

You Earn Boltt Tokens for every minute you watch videos/ listen to music / play games on the Boltt App.

What Can I do with Boltt Token

You can use Boltt Tokens for various In app features.

Partners Ecosystem

In this BApp, we are now expecting organisations and enterprises like the below to enter our ecosystem. These organisations will be able to access user’s lifestyle, health and entertainment data in exchange for Boltt Tokens.

  1. Healthcare IT companies
  2. Wellness Companies
  3. Entertainment Companies
  4. Gaming Companies
  5. Payers and Insurance
  6. Device Manufacturers and App developers

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

At Boltt, we have developed a very strong competitive advantage. We have launched a Boltt Audio line including Bluetooth Headphones, Premium Earphones and Bluetooth Speakers.

Users can connect these Boltt Devices to the Boltt App, listen to music and double their Boltt Coin earnings.

This Audio line has been launched in partnership with Savex Technologies, the 3rd Largest IT distributor in India. Savex will be retailing and distributing Boltt Audio products in all their channels of sales.

With the help of these Audio devices, Boltt can acquire more and more users for the Boltt App.

Target Market

At Boltt, we are now targeting a multi trillion dollar market converging many sectors like Gaming, Entertainment, Content, Health & Fitness.
By integrating gaming like PubG & Fantasy Soccer, we are now penetrating and catering into a much bigger market size.

The Boltt Coin BApp : User Interface

We hope that all our community will see our product update and progress.
We urge everyone to sit tight & see our next milestones:)

Our journey has only just begun!!!

Team Boltt

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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