Boltt Coin Collaborates with Red Bull

We are glad to announce the collaboration of Boltt Coin with Red Bull in association with the Wings For Life World Run.

The Wings for Life World Run is a running competition to collect funds for the not-for-profit foundation Wings for Life. The entry fee goes completely to the foundation. Boltt Coin hosted its first race on the 5th of April to the 5th of May motivating the employees to take part for the Wings For Life Challenge on the Boltt Coin App. This App based challenge was to achieve the Highest Step Count in a period of 30 Days.

Celebrating the Wings For Life Run on Boltt Coin App through the step challenge! Run For Those Who Can’t.

The challenge was to complete the maximum number of steps in a period of 30 days! This challenge was a group based challenge where the employees were grouped according to their respective departments. The best department with the “Highest Average Per Member Step Count” would be declared the winner. Apart which Boltt Coin would reward the first 5 highest step count participants too. The winner of the challenge would receive rewards and would be sponsored for the Wings For Life World Run which is held on the 5th May.

Driving the employees to take part in the challenge included motivating them to sign up to the challenge and integrating the importance of walking and fitness in life through day to day examples of “Say No To The Lift, Walk Your Way Up”. Health related posts, standees display material were put up through the veranda of all the branch offices of Red Bull.

Exciting Registration Creatives shared to all Red Bull employees.

Driving Registration with motivational posters that were sent to the employees through various marketing activities. Boltt Coin successfully held the first challenge for Red Bull employees with great participation spirit!

We saw the Sales Team doing the best and was the Star Team of the Week. Dashboard of the employees were shared to keep them engaged through the challenge!

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