Boltt Coin emerges to be the fastest growing DApp of All time

Users from across the world are loving our DApp. We are thrilled to announce that we have today clocked more than 10,000 Daily Active Users.

Some interesting stats :

  1. We have been announced among the top 20 assets on Waves :
  2. We have more than 1000 daily transactions taking place on the Waves Blockchain
  3. Over the last few months, we have given away more than 5 MN Boltt Coins as rewards to our users
  4. More than 7000 different types of products have been purchased from the Boltt Marketplace.
  5. These products range from Fashion, Health, Fitness to consumer electronics and accessories
  6. The DApp has many Step Challenges running at any given point of time
  7. Each challenge witnesses a participation of more than 2000 users
  8. We are seeing a large participation coming from institutions and corporates, that are running step challenges for their employees

Coin Utility and Redemption in our Ecosystem

Ways to Earn Boltt Coins in the DApp :

1.Boltt health reward engine: Enables to earn BolttCoins with steps & personal health achievements.

2. Boltt engagement & gamification: Enables creating challenges, tournaments, and games from sponsored brands, celebrities, and corporates to reward participants. The winners of these challenges win Boltt Coins as part of rewards

Ways to redeem Boltt Coins in the DApp:

  1. Boltt Decentralized Marketplace: Large In App shop of products. Today the DApp has 25K+ merchants selling 1Mn + products in exchange for Boltt Coins. This acts a separate channel of sale for these merchants. Boltt Coin DApp has a highly engaged, curated, technologically advanced and health conscious user base. It helps a brand/ retailer to showcase its products to an audience that results in higher conversion. It also enables advertisers to command higher monetisation and drives higher CPM figures for In App monetisation.
  2. Host of Other Services : We are working towards enhancing the utility of Boltt Coins across a host of other services- users will soon be able to use Boltt coins to avail insurance benefits, pay utility bill payments,spend on entertainment bookings, offline shops, and other services.

Target audience

Boltt appeals to a wide range of individual and commercial audiences with many different use cases from individual health improvement to promoting products and services by the corporates.

  1. End users — users from all age groups and all segments can take part in the BolttCoin ecosystem.
  2. Corporates who want to drive employee productivity and engage with their employees
  3. Employees who want to earn rewards in the form of BolttCoins
  4. Retailers who want to run loyalty programs with BolttCoins
  5. Brands that want to run engagement programs with their Consumers
  6. Celebrities who want to run engagement and awareness programs with their fans
  7. Insurance providers who want to reward their customers with policy discounts based on health
  8. Service providers who want to run engagement programs with their customers
  9. Hospitals Hospitals & Medical institutions can collect medical records & reward patients for keeping heathy

Why Boltt Coin is on Blockchain

By utilizing shared ledgers, smart contracts and cryptographic encryption, Boltt is able to eliminate the intermediaries throughout its ecosystem while ensuring trust, security, transparency, immutability, and auditability across the value chain.

  • Boltt’s Health Reward Engine are based on a Smart Contract
  • This offers complete transparency in the process of token generation
  • It is audit-able and hack proof
  • All Boltt platform challenges, tournaments and games are recorded on the Blockchain
  • Players are able participate without being dependent on host decisions, financial regulations, and middleman controls.
  • Boltt challenges aim to eliminate the need to trust hosts running centralized platforms.
  • The Boltt Health ID uses Blockchain to keep all the health identification data of the users safe.
  • The P2P nature of the blockchain does away with the need for any intermediaries to facilitate transactions.
  • Transaction cost on the Boltt platform is even less than 0.1% of the transaction value, which is significantly lower compared to centralized payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards.
  • Overall, within the Boltt shop, there are automated triggers and processes

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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