Boltt Coin Launches a Fantasy Sports Platform for its users!

To enhance its Coin’s utility, Boltt Coin has now launched a Fantasy Sports platform within its App.

Boltt Coin is India’s fastest growing Fitness Rewards App based on Blockchain. It rewards users with the first ever “Digital Health Currency” ( ie Boltt Coins), if they achieve their daily step goals.

Users can redeem Boltt Coin for purchasing different products on a large In App marketplace. The App has thousands of merchants selling thousands of exciting products in exchange for Boltt Coins.

Fantasy Sports Platform for Enhanced Gamification

To increase the utility of Boltt Coins, the company has now launched a Fantasy Sports platform for cricket and soccer.

Users will now be able to play Fantasy Sports with both Boltt Coins and Cash options.

This will be the first of its Gamification platform with cutting edge technology and unique features.

Users will be able to “ Walk” & “ Earn” Boltt Coins and then use them to take part in Fantasy Sports contests for cricket and soccer. There are also Cash contests available, for those who want to participate with cash only.

The Fantasy Sports platform will assist in mass adoption of the Boltt Coin currency and assist in huge value creation for the ecosystem and the company’s global users base.
With this, Boltt Coin is aiming at acquiring millions of users in the next few months.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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