Boltt Coin pursues mass adoption of Blockchain, aligning to the vision of its Blockchain Partner Klaytn

As Klaytn gears up for its Mainnet launch this week, Boltt is very excited about its collaboration with this upcoming Blockchain Giant.

As a successful DApp exhibit amongst the Klaytn ISPs, Boltt Coin has achieved significant business growth and partner ecosystem enhancement.

The “Klaytn — Boltt Coin” partnership will enable Users all over the world to Monetize Data in the Health & Fitness Space.

Boltt is a forerunner in the mobile health & wearable-tech space that came up with the the digital health currency — BolttCoin. It enables its users to track, analyse, and monetise their health data that is generated and controlled by the users. The Boltt tokens that are rewarded for staying healthy can be used for shopping, playing games, making utility payments etc. Boltt is part of the rapidly growing health and fitness industry that is presently worth $87.2 billion with a consumer base of 174 billion members

Recently the leading Cricketer of the Indian Cricket Team, joined Boltt Coin as a Stakeholder. This will ensure grass root level penetration as Boltt will attempt at reaching huge captive audiences ( billions of followers) via such collaborations.

Ravindra Jadeja: The Rockstar of Indian cricket

There have been great cricketers in India, but few as universally loved as Ravindra Jadeja, for there has barely been anything ordinary about him. He is arguably one of India’s best cricketers having broken many match records and having many international awards and trophies under his belt.

Ravindra Jadeja has a great fan following through all his social media! His Facebook channel has a decent of 3.4M followers/likes. Twitter successfully has a community of 2.3M followers. He recently joined Instagram and there he has a fan base of 460K followers.

Partnership with Boltt Coin will explore applications of Blockchain in Health, Fitness and Gamification, as almost first of its kind.

Klaytn being a power packed platform backed by Kakao, Korea’s dominant mobile messenger company with 50 million user base, is set to expand Blockchain tech to the next billion users.

With Boltt & Klaytn joining forces, their combined vision of mass adoption of Blockchain can be quickly turned into reality!

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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