Boltt Coin Strategic Partnership with Japan’s First Blockchain Fund B Cryptos

We are delighted to announce that BolttCoin is forming a strategic partnership with B Cryptos, an investment firm focused on blockchain that invests in digital assets and early-stage private equity.

Boltt Coin is an ecosystem to reward person health using cutting edge Blockchain Tech. The BolttCoin DApp is today the 3rd largest DApp with 5000+ Daily Active Users, recording 8000+ daily transactions on Blockchain.

B Cryptos, founded in 2017 and licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency, is Japan’s first investment firm that focuses on blockchain. It is supported by one of Japan’s top performing venture capital firms and a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange with global service coverage that recently joined the “unicorn” club.

Boltt Coin is very excited about this partnership with B Cryptos. Arnav and Aayushi, Boltt Coin’s founders said “ We are honoured and excited to have B Cryptos on board with us. The fund’s financial, investment and strategic strengths will add a lot of value to out project. This partnership will also help BolttCoin make headway into the Japanese market”.

Japan is a core focus market for BolttCoin. Among mobile fitness app markets this country comes in fourth in terms of sales.

It also comes in second in the number of users of fitness applications. The popularity of fitness applications in this country will gain momentum, since we all know that Japanese people take their health very seriously and are eager to make active use of innovations that might help them improve it.

In addition, according to ranking countries by athletic activity, Japan is in the top ten and has gone up two ranks since 2015.

Japan is also one of the most crypto friendly nations. It has in fact been coined as an “Underdog molding the Cryptocurrency Industry”

Japan has become one of the major centers of Crypto tech adoption and Blockchain development. Along with the Japanese government, private companies in Japan are also working hard to improve the crypto market. With a growing number of Japanese businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, and with many startups in Japan’s thriving tech scene, it’s fair to guess that continued investment will inspire continued innovation.

We foresee this strategic partnership to play a vital part in the future of BolttCoin. Through the collaboration, we will accelerate our growth to present a whole new paradigm in Social Health Gamification across the globe.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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