3 min readOct 14, 2018

Boltt Coin, the promising “Walk & Earn” App is out! This App pays you to get Fit!


It is a global struggle to find the motivation to stay fit, but what if someone paid you to exercise?

That’s the idea behind Boltt Coin, a free app that converts steps into digital currency.

BolttCoin is the very first health-focused digital currency!

The company has launched a virtual currency called Boltt Coin.

The main product, the Boltt coin App is now live on the both IOS and Android platforms.

Indian Fitness fanatic and sports player, Arnav Kishore came up with this idea in 2017, when he realised that the main problem in the Fitness/Sports/Health industry was lack of motivation. He realised that the problem with getting people to exercise is the human tendency to prioritise immediate pleasure over long-term gain. So he started working on a technology towards instant gratification for physical activity.

Boltt’s innovative concept, which was developed by strong accomplished founders and a seasoned team of professionals with the noble cause of improving societal health, entails mining its proprietary tokens,BolttCoins, while users are on-the-go. This means that users can earn Boltt Coins while they are physically active, with the coins earned corresponding to the number of steps they take. Instead of“blockchain” and “proof of stakes”, BolttCoin utilizes a “walkchain” and “proof of steps”, rewarding users for their personal health advancement; encouraging them to stay active, and, as such, follow a healthier lifestyle. Users’ activity is measured through BolttCoin’s eponymous app, while all transactions are facilitated through BolttCoin’s cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Instant Gratification for Physcial Activity

“Instant Gratification” comes in the form of a large “ In App Shop” consisting of a plethora of branded products and lifestyle services. These can all be redeemed with the Boltt coins.

For example, about 20,000 Boltt Coins — that’s just over 21 million steps — can be exchanged for an iPhone X.

Boltt Coins can also be redeemed on select external channels like popular marketplaces in India.

The coins can also be gifted via a simple Send/ Receive feature with friends & family!

Gamification & Challenges

One of the most exciting feature in the App are the “ Live Challenges”. With this, users can invite their friends and compete with them in fun and exciting step challenges.

Corporate and celebrities can host their own challenge for their audience.

The winners can win handsome rewards!


Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain