Boltt Coin Token Upgrade

It’s time to upgrade the Boltt Token / Token Swap Information

As you may well know, Boltt’s ultimate goal is to cause global health improvement by incentivising and motivating users. This is being done by enhancing the utility of the Boltt Coin Token.

To be able to achieve our goal in this direction, a need has arisen to upgrade the Boltt Token to a newer, more robust and technologically advanced version. This will help improve efficiencies in the ecosystem.

What is the Upgrade?

The upgrade will consist of updating Boltt’s smart contract and swapping the token to a more reliable and robust version that will bring in more efficiencies in the tech, making the ecosystem transactions more secure and scalable.

The swap will be carried out based on a 1:1 ratio and the upgraded token will be hosted on the same Ethereum network. This means:

1.The upgraded BOLTT token will be traded on the same exchanges (Bit — Z, Hotbit, D Coin etc ) with all the familiar BOLTT pairs.

2. It will be supported by the same wallets.

3. The same BOLTT token locking mechanism will apply, including the team’s and advisors’ tokens.

4. The same circulating and total BOLTT amounts.

All the steps necessary for the swap have been audited:

Audit information —

Updated Smart Contract —

Etherscan Token Address — things you should know

1) On March 25–26, all exchanges trading BOLTT will halt deposits, withdrawals, and trades, while the swap takes place. During the following period, we suggest to simply relax while the new smart contract delivers the upgraded BOLTT tokens to your wallet and the BOLTT trading crypto exchanges.

2) Each BOLTT trading exchange will work with us to double-check the balances, ensuring that the whole process goes through smoothly. The new BOLTT tokens will be unlocked for trading after March 26th.

3) If you are holding your BOLTT tokens on one of the crypto exchanges, the swap process will be fully automated. You won’t need to do a thing.

4) We will start delivering the new BOLTT tokens on March 25 and finish the process on the 27th. It will take approximately 10 hours to complete. The length of time it will take for the swap process to be completed depends entirely on the Ethereum network. However, we will keep the community updated on the progress.

Why are we doing this?

There are three main reasons:

  1. To enable user-controlled data monetization and more varied BOLTT token use cases.

As mentioned earlier, the new and upgraded BOLTT token will help strengthen BOLTT ’s crypto infrastructure, increasing the security and robustness of the platform and paving the way for much smoother transactions.

Users will receive an upgrade token 25th March — 27th March 2019. For your convenience — token inside the exchange will be automatically updated.

This is the new Boltt Token address you need to your Ethereum Wallet:


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