Boltt Coin welcomes Youngmok Park on its Advisory Panel.

Signing the agreement.

YM Park is one of the most influential people of the Korean Gaming Industry. With 30 years of experience in the gaming industry, YM was fortunate enough to be involved in launching various blockbuster game titles from top tier game productions. His track record ranges from Age of Empires at Microsoft, moving onto online gaming with launching Lineage 2 at NCSoft as Marketing VP, to World of WarCraft at Blizzard Entertainment as one of the top executives in Korea.

He then established and led both Crytek Korea and Crytek APAC HQ mainly working on Warface and Cryengine projects. The gaming industry swiftly shifting to mobile, NHN (Naver and Hangame) invited him to set up Orangecrew, the largest mobile development company in Korea.

YM is now running his own mobile game development studio called Nchant Interactive.

Nchant is a game development company for smart devices including TV platform.
- Toyrace (Toy Race) one touch mobile run-game
- wanted Killer (FPS)
- Curlliard (Casual sports)
- Whatda (Puzzle)
Platforms include smart phone / tablet (iOS, Android), VR, Smart TV and Console

VR version of Wanted Killer is in development at Playsnak, Germany.

Recently, YM established 4 companies including 2 startups. He plays a material role as a mentor and advisor to many startups in both the online and offline sector via channels such as multi-national consulting firms, the Korean Government and GTR.

Youngmok Park has studied Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley, and marketing from University of New Orleans.

He started off as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of New Orleans. He then Hyosung Group as a Manager/ Office of Chairman. He was there for 4years. He assisted International conferences and foreign business operations.

Later he joined Microsoft as the Product Marketing Manager / Consumer Product and was there for 4 years. Developed core market for Consumer Product line-ups. Successfully launched 35 consumer products in Korea. He introduced game products including Age of Empires, Flight Simulater and over 10 more other game products. Also, marketed hardware products including mouse products line, consumer CD titles, keyboard products and Gaming devices

He has been the director of communications at Blizzard Entertainment. In one of the conference he stated: “In Korea it’s all study, study, study, learn, learn, learn,” said Park Youngmok, Blizzard’s Korean communications director. “That’s the whole culture here. And so you can’t go buy a game console because all it is is an expensive toy; all it does is play games. But a PC is seen here as a dream machine, a learning machine. You can use it to study, do research. And if someone in the household ends up playing games on it” — he paused, shrugged and grinned — “that’s life.”

We welcome Mr Park to our team.

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