Boltt Financial Project on Bithumb Global to guarantee more value to all BOLTT investors

2 min readJul 25, 2019


BOLTT Staking」Financial Block — Bulge Your Wallet !

Dear Bithumb Global Users:

Bithumb Global is going to launch “BOLTT Staking” financial block on July 26th at 15:00 (UTC+8).

BOLTT staking helps you get started on quality finance and make profits.

What is Staking?

“BG Staking” is a digital asset-based wealth management product launched by Bithumb Global. Bithumb Global selects premium projects to provide users with one-touch and steady finance services. On the “BG Staking”, users choose projects for financial management. Projects launched have corresponding investment cycle and yield, and users can choose to buy them freely. The income is calculated according to the time of interest calculation. After the maturity of the project, the principal and income are transferred to the account, and the user can get the agreed income. Relying on Bithumb Global’s strict risk control system, “BG Staking” fully guarantees the safety of users’ assets, allows you to increase your assets and start a quality life in financial management.

Income Stability

Provide you with a stable returns, improve the utilization of capital idle.

Project Diversity

Select multiple premium projects to flexibly configure the asset structure.

Token Diversity

Make your more assets to obtain considerable financial returns. Annualized Returns: 100 %

Duration (day): 30 days

How it will help current Boltt Investors :

a. Increase the demand of the BOLTT Token

b.Invest & Hold your BOLTT Tokens to get more more returns

c. Create more liquidity on the exchanges

d. Create more long term value for all BOLTT investors & stakeholders




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