Boltt Health Reward Engine : Explained

Mine BolttCoins by just taking steps, no computing power required!

Boltt enables earning BolttCoins for simply taking steps including running, jogging or walking outside or using a treadmill. Earned BolttCoins can be used to make purchases at the Boltt marketplace or could simply be traded into other crypto currencies or fiat currencies.

Boltt’s platform is seamlessly connected to Boltt wearables. Additionally, it allows integration with the most of smart accessories and apps for sports and health and activity tracking such as Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, etc.

Data collection process

The steps data of the user can be collected via the Boltt Fitness Trackers or via the Phone’s inbuilt sensors and accelerometers. If the user has a device, he/she can just connect to the App via Bluetooth. The steps are tracked automatically through the day, with details by the hour.

Data verification & security

Boltt uses an AI based step-counting algorithm to detect & authenticate data. The Boltt step algorithm is in place to ensure that all BolttCoins are earned through hard work and movement. If it was not this way, users could potentially cheat the system by doing things like shaking their phone or using the App in a car etc. Boltt algorithm checks and verifies data against all checkpoints to ensure there are no cases of cheating. E.g. If the data matches a known pattern of cheating like shaking the phone up & down to mimic steps, the values will not be counted.

This is a proprietary algorithm that uses certain operations at the Boltt Backend to ensure all captured data is completely authentic.

Going beyond steps

Boltt has initially based the Health Reward Engine & BolttCoin payout only on basis Steps. In the near future, Boltt plans to include other health parameters such as activity, fitness, sleep, nutrition, vital stats, medical records, genetic tests & user past health history. Boltt uses all these data values to make a unique Health Score. Health Score is an All in One tangible measure of one’s health. Each data value in these sections result in the improvement of the Health Score. It is calculated on a scale of 1–100. The higher the Health Score, higher the reward payout. This symbolizes the importance of holistic health advancement. It incentivizes users to improve all aspects of their health and lifestyle. The Boltt Health Score is a Patent Pending technology that is an accurate measurement of one’s personal health, soon to be accepted globally by leading health institutions & insurance companies.

Smart contracts

The logics and algorithms governing the Boltt health reward engine & gratification are to be executed via smart contracts and will be completely decentralized, ensuring highest standards of data security.

*Above diagram demonstrates how BolttCoins are mined by the users and how they are ultimately credited to the user’s crypto wallet. The user’s “Steps” data can be collected from many sources including smartphone inbuilt sensors, third-party services and devices).The data is then encrypted and transferred onto the Boltt Servers. It is then transferred onto the Blockchain database. In the Data Authentication Engine, all unverified and fraudulent/cheated data is detected and removed. Finally, the data becomes ready for the Rewards Engine processing. The reward calculation of Boltt Coins is carried out via a Smart Contract. The BolttCoins are then credited into the user’s crypto wallet on Blockchain

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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