Boltt Hosts Corporate Step Challenges on Blockchain for Reputed Corporates

Boltt is the first digital health & fitness platform that will reward users to be healthy. Boltt is announcing the release of its digital health currency — Boltt Coin. Boltt coin will be instrumental in paving the way users interact with the application and adds a tangible dimension to being fit and healthy.

Boltt is tying up with many corporates across the globe to host step challenges for the corporate employees and consumers.

This will help in increasing corporate wellness amongst the institutions, as well as it will help in increasing user/ employee engagement.

BolttCoin will organise Digital Challenge Races for the corporates. These Challenges will take place on the BolttCoin Mobile App ( There is no Web Interface).

BolttCoin will execute the Employee & HR engagement via Leaderboards and HR specific MIS.

The challenge winners will be rewarded with Boltt Coins.

Some of the corporates under partnership closure are Red Bull, Hungama and Wizcraft.

BolttCoin has successfully closed the deal with consumer drinks giant — Pepsico and Gatorade.

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