Boltt Play is now available on Klip wallet within KakaoTalk messenger providing easy access to for KakaoTalk users

On June 3rd 2020, Klip, the smart-contract wallet was launched on KakaoTalk. It has the potential to revolutionize how people store and transfer funds and information. Kakao is the dominant mobile platform in Korea with 96+% market share, 50M+ MAU, and loyal users of ARPU at $40+ USD. We believe this launch is an important experiment towards mass adoption in the most attractive market in the crypto industry todayConsumers have shown a strong appetite to explore digital assets and try decentralized services through Klip during this soft launch.

Within one day of the soft launch, Klip saw over 100k users signed up.

Some interesting stats we found:

  1. 77% completed sign-up after visiting Klip page.
  2. 52.2% are age under 35. Appealing to the MZ generation.
  3. 2 Minutes and 18 Seconds spent on avg by each user. (reflects how features and apps are still limited).
  4. 17% of those who signed-up sent crypto (KLAY) to their friends through KakaoTalk chat.
  5. 75% of the users are still holding KLAY in their wallet waiting for new features to open up.

While Klaytn is making blockchain invisible, Klip is welcoming a new stream of users to experience services that we have never seen before.

Boltt Play Launch on Klip

On July 1st, Boltt Play App was launched on Klip!!

With just a few clicks from the KakaoTalk app, users can open the Klip wallet and access featured dapps like Boltt Pay.

We are very happy to have access to 50 million+ KakaoTalk users.

Users of the Boltt Play app earn Boltt Coins simply by watching content, listening to Music, Playing Games and sharing data through the Boltt network. With a simple conversion step Boltt Coin is easily exchanged to Klaytn-based BOLTT token. BOLTT Token is also directly integrated into the Klip cryptocurrency wallet, and in the future can be used in various dapps and within the broader KakaoTalk ecosystem.

Developed by Ground X, Klip provides a unique opportunity to use digital assets within KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging application used by more than 90% of the South Korean population — including international users, more than 50 million users in total!

Klip is designed for mainstream adoption, including users with little to no previous knowledge of blockchain or crypto assets. It allows users to send and receive digital assets person-to-person with their basic KakaoTalk account information, rather than complex wallet addresses typical of most blockchain wallets. The digital asset transfer is as fast as an instant wire transfer yet does not incur additional fees.

We’re very excited about the new exposure Boltt Play App will get from being featured front-and-center in the Klip wallet. Boltt Play App is is a featured dapp in Klip, advertised to any new user that sets up a Klip wallet.

Boltt Play #1 DApp on Klaytn

We are also very proud to say that Boltt Play has emerged to become the number 1 DApp on on Klaytn.

Our Smart Contracts :

We are focussed on strengthening our ecosystem in Korea and taking it to even further heights.

Look forward to the support all stake holders and the community.

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