Boltt Protocol- Next Milestones & Way forward

Dear Community,

We would like to address our dear community, on the next milestones and progress, that is planned for Boltt Protocol. We would like you to know what is in store, so that you all understand the value of your investment and are wise enough to hold till the right time.

At BOLTT, we are working to deliver something important and we feel that the best way to respect our contributors, is to remain focused on the mission. Boltt Protocol is building for the long-term. Our goal is to unlock the potential of Health Data for the population and transform Healthcare for all.

We have a deep responsibility to all contributors and we deeply care about our community.

What future activities are planned?

We will continue to build the protocol and network so that the community and enterprises will adopt it. We will continue to focus on creating value for our users. And we will give regular updates via Meetups, AMAs and in Telegram/ Kakao.

Coming up, we will:

  1. Work towards listing on the top exchanges
  2. Complete the development of the Protocol Ecosystem
  3. Work towards acquiring millions of users on the Protocol
  4. Stronger local partnerships to enhance the value of the ecosystem
  5. Initiatives to attract Healthcare Enterprises
  6. Migration to Klaytn Mainnet

We have been building non-stop since mid-2016. We’ve participated in several public events where we reached out to the community. There are now over 200,000 community members, 20 Advisors and 30 team members working to build success for Boltt Protocol.

How will the IEO funds be used?

We are working on a transparency mechanisms to show the community how funds will be used and will be giving quarterly updates on progress. This will be coming out soon.

The funds will be used for Business Development, Technology, Legal, Security and community efforts. We will continue work with enterprises and organisations to onboard them onto the Protocol.We will also be acquiring users and also attract data scientists and Data researchers to use the network and build long-term value.

Why you shouldn’t sell your tokens right after getting them

In line with the above, we would humbly urge all our investors ( IEO and Private Sale) to hold their BOLTT tokens, till the full potential of the project is realised & till the time the market is ready. Till the time, there is more than enough demand generated for BOLTT within the platform.

You will absolutely not helping a project by immediately liquidating your tokens after they get listed or when you have a short-term profit. A project seeks investors willing to support the project in the long-term. There are several reasons why people should hold their tokens.

  1. The token value is likely to increase in the future when the team has implemented their roadmap.
  2. Product usage: In the end, the token has been designed to power a product or service. A project with a working product or service and a functional token is worth way more as many people want to buy the token for using the product/service.
  3. It is has been proven that you get better returns in the long-term. Some scientists claim you have almost 100% guarantee you will make a profit after holding your stocks over a period of 7 years. As we know, one month in crypto is equal to one year in stock trading. So holding your tokens at least 7 months should give you better returns.
  4. When a token gets initially listed, the exchange is fairly small having little impact on the price. In case the token gets listed on a larger exchange,it will have a huge positive impact on the token price as a lot of new users have access to the token.

Going forward, there could be people who would encourage the Foundation to activate shorter term measures such as price guidance. For Boltt, we believe that using the funds for their intended purpose to build the technology and ecosystem is the wisest path to build sustainable value into the Boltt Protocol and Token.

With more hard work and the contributions of everyone, we can nurture a vibrant data ecosystem to unlock the Health Data Economy. We can’t control the price of the BOLTT Token, but as we move forward, we believe that the BOLTT Token price will align with the true potential of the network.

There will be rough waters until we reach our destination. But our principal focus will always remain to finish what we started and deliver a groundbreaking product.

Look forward to your support!

Sincerely yours,
Team Boltt

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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