Boltt Protocol powered by Klaytn - the harbinger of Mass Adoption of Blockchain and Crypto in India

Boltt Coin has been consistently working towards its mission of “ Mass Adoption of Blockchain” since early 2017. Those were still nascent days for the Blockchain and Crypto scene in India.

Boltt Coin continued to develop its Products and services and marketed them in Blockchain powered nations like South Korea and Japan.

The recent Apex’s court verdict to strike down the central bank’s April 2018 circular that disallowed banks from trading in crypto, was naturally an ecstatic moment for us!

This will now lead to a disruption at an all new level! All industries in India will see a revolution, powered by Blockchain.

Boltt Coin aims at being at the front end of this revolution.

Boltt Coin is the service partner of Klaytn, the public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain arm of the South Korean Internet giant Kakao.

Klaytn partners with major organizations and businesses in various industry domains, jointly running its distributed network under public governance to bring user-friendly blockchain services to millions.

Powered by Klaytn, Boltt Protocol is all set to enter India to bring its Blockchain services to the 1.5 Billion people in India!

About Boltt Protocol

Boltt Protocol is a Decentralised Personal Data sharing Network.

It enables users to control, own & monetise their Personal lifestyle data.

Boltt Coin App is the World’s First Entertainment,Social, Gaming and Rewards platform. It rewards users for taking steps, listening to music, playing games, watching content & sharing this data on the Blockchain.The rewards are in the form of Boltt coins. Boltt Coins can be used to shop offers and products from a large In App Rewards shop.

Organisations can access this health & lifestyle user data and use it to make better decisions. By Staking Boltt tokens on the platform, Health organisations, Insurance, Wellness companies, Entertainment companies, Content companies, Gaming companies etc can access this data and use to target their products and services more effectively to the consumers.

Boltt Protocol is founded by the Boltt Team that has that has worked with advanced Data solutions for a number of years.The company has an existing ecosystem of thousands of users.

Boltt: #1 DApp on Klaytn

Boltt Protocol is commercial with Largest number of Transactions on Blockchain, on Klaytn. BolttCoin is the Largest #1 DApp on Klaytn.

Boltt is witnessing a massive user engagement. Users are spending almost 15–20 mins a day on the platform.

Boltt Protocol : The Service

Decentralized Data Sharing

Boltt Protocol offers blockchain powered secure transactions and
automated smart contracts to sell and buy user data streams.

Boltt’s data marketplace can be used by Data buyers and Data

distributors to make better organisation decisions and market to their
consumers more effectively.

Binance- Wazir X entering India

It is very heartening to know that World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and global blockchain ecosystem, Binance has entered India via Wazir X.

This is a huge step to promote the use and adoption of blockchain technologies in the country.

Binance and Wazir X have also announced a “ Blockchain for India” fund to encourage and invest in thriving Blockchain startups in India.

We are confident that Boltt Coin can benefit hugely from this move by Binance. Binance is one of the Klaytn Governance Council members, participating in the Klaytn platform operation and governance.

Boltt believes in the mission of Mass adoption of Blockchain. We would like to contribute in making India the next hot bed for Blockchain innovation

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain