Boltt Sells sets a new record & wraps up its IEO on Probit in style!

Congratulations to all the IEO participants!

Boltt Protocol sets a new highest record at Probit, raising an impressive amount of $8,00,000 over 4 rounds in just 10 days. Each round was completed in just a matter of seconds.

The first 2 rounds sold out in a total of 3 seconds.The completion of Round 3 last week, had set up stage for Round 4 that took place today. Today again, bulk of the tokens were sold out in the first few seconds, as investors had been anxiously waiting for this day.

This week also saw a lot of excitement and interesting updates!

We unveiled Boltt Protocol — the largest Health Data Sharing network, where users can connect their personal Health Data, decentralise it and monetize it.The data can be accessed by various Healthcare institutions for analysis and insights. Institutions have to stake Boltt Tokens on the Platform in order to access data. Continuous demand by all stakeholders in the ecosystem, would lead to increased utility of the Boltt Token.

We also announced LD Capital as the new Strategic Investor Partner for Boltt Protocol. Having an impressive portfolio like Contents Protocol, EOS and many more quality projects, LD Capital is a premier Blockchain fund in Asia.Owing to the recent launch of the “Boltt-Protocol” & with a common vision to bring a revolution in the health care industry, BolttCoin & LDCapital join hands to turn this vision into a near mission.

Thanks to our entire community and stakeholders for their continued support.

Please stay tuned for more updates!

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