BolttCoin : Boltt Pay features

Boltt includes a multi-currency crypto wallet that holds both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The Boltt wallet enables access to all the services in the Boltt ecosystem and provides multiple top up and cash out options, holding fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, along with added features such as money transfer, bill payments, debit cards & decentralized exchange.

When a user signs up on the platform, the Boltt wallet is created automatically. Then the user can then fund the wallet with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Boltt wallet offers an API for third-party access to developers so that they are able to interact with the wallet. Possibilities include accessing balances, sending transactions, raising invoices, and also building third-party apps on top of it. This can further enhance the Boltt Wallet acceptability and usage.

On the other hand, the third Party API business model will create more partners who can distribute Boltt services globally to strengthen this network.

Key features:

· Send and receive blockchain-based payments on the go. The user simply needs to pick up the phone, log in to the wallet, scan the QR code of receiver, and hit the send button.

· Inbuilt-exchange: Users can easily convert a wide range of blockchain assets such as Boltt Tokens, BTC, ETH, and DASH with the inbuilt exchange mechanism.

· Easily accessible: Users can access their wallet remotely from anywhere in the world with a mobile app or web interface.

· Secure: the wallet is built on the native concepts of application development by following the highest industry guidelines.

· In-chat payment system: Send and receive BolttCoins to friends and family using in-chat payment system. Sender just types the amount he/she wants to send in receiver’s chat and payment is sent instantly.

· Request for payment: One of the targeted and useful features is the request for the payment. Use it to request money or due payments from your clients & friends. Request money using one touch button, your friend will receive an invoice, you will receive the payment once he/she confirms the request.

· Support for deposit/withdrawal of fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and CNY.

  • Above diagram demonstrates the setting up & the working of the Boltt Crypto Wallet. First, a user downloads the Boltt Coin App and successfully gets registered with it. Then the wallet is created, address and public key is generated using cryptographic operations. All transactions via the wallet are carried out on the Blockchain.

Potential credits to the wallet can include Boltt Coins earned via steps rewards, via winning challenges, via loyalty cashbacks, via friends transfers, etc. On the other hand, the potential debits can include BolttCoins spent on goods and services marketplace, purchase of Boltt App subscription plans, payment of joining fees for challenges, etc

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