BolttCoin Core Products Components

Boltt creates an ecosystem of real-life partnerships with retailers, merchants, corporates, service providers, insurance companies, and an integration of gamification, blockchain and distributed ledger technology that aims towards increasing engagement & loyalty based on improved health. The Boltt ecosystem enables people to mine BolttCoins by taking steps, which is a tangible measure of improving one’s personal health. BolttCoin is the exclusive currency used within the ecosystem that can be used as rewards in social gamification, engagement and loyalty programs across the ecosystems.

Core components

Boltt platform consists of the following core components that creates a complete ecosystem:

  1. Boltt health reward engine: Enables to earn/mine BolttCoins with steps & personal health achievements.

2.Boltt engagement & gamification: Enables creating challenges, tournaments, and games from sponsored brands, celebrities, and corporates to reward participants. In addition, it enables merchants to create loyalty programs or link their existing programs to the Boltt platform & give rewards in the form of BolttCoins to spend on the partner network.

3.Boltt decentralized marketplace: Serves several purposes. It mainly enables product listing and sale while opening up a host of other uses including insurance benefits, utility bill payments, entertainment bookings, offline shops, and other services.

4.Boltt identity management and health ID: Provides a digital identity to every individual user. This will be one global health ID on the Blockchain that provides a higher level of security and privacy and available on demand.

5.Boltt crypto wallet: Enables access to all financial services in the Boltt ecosystem. This includes many features including multiple top up and cash out options, holding fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, money transfer, bill payments & a decentralized exchange.

Target audience

Boltt appeals to a wide range of individual and commercial audiences with many different use cases from individual health improvement to promoting products and services by the corporates.

1.End users — users from all age groups and all segments can take part in the BolttCoin ecosystem.

2.Corporates who want to drive employee productivity and engage with their employees

3.Employees who want to earn rewards in the form of BolttCoins

4.Retailers who want to run loyalty programs with BolttCoins

5.Brands that want to run engagement programs with their Consumers

6.Celebrities who want to run engagement and awareness programs with their fans

7.Insurance providers who want to reward their customers with policy discounts based on health

8.Service providers who want to run engagement programs with their customers

9.Hospitals Hospitals & Medical institutions can collect medical records & reward patients for

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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