BolttCoin : Decentralized marketplace

Decentralized marketplace

Boltt mall

Boltt collaborates with merchants in two ways:

  • Self-registration on the BolttCoin app
  • Partnerships with merchant aggregators & existing online websites

Online Stores

The owner or representative of the online store is registered on the platform just like a regular user.

Registration steps for a user to open an online store:

1. Fills and sends the online application form

2. The application is moderated and evaluated by platform experts

3. If approved, the “Activate” button appears

4. Adds goods/services to the store (photo/description/price, etc.)

Once the products/services added, the online store appears on the platform in the “Online Stores” section.

Users pay for purchases with BolttCoins, which they purchase or earn in their Boltt Wallet. Store owners receive orders, execute them, and the platform automatically charges a small commission from the store for purchases made. Customers can leave feedback on the store after the transaction is completed; customer feedback can affect the reputation of the store on the platform.

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