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Boltt gamification engine

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists — a website, an enterprise application, an online community — and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty[1].

Boltt redesigns the approach to physical activity with fun and addictive elements in games and applies them to real-world fitness challenges to create a truly fun & rewarding experience. Boltt’s gamification tactics are used to stimulate customer loyalty, drive employee engagement, and increase motivation to become healthy.

Businesses can easily reward their customers, users, members, tournament participants and staff with BolttCoins while the platform provides tailor-made analytics for the management.

Types of games available on the platform

Boltt coins can be used to participate in Boltt Challenges, to bet against friends or compete against the world in global “Play & Win” challenges. Types of challenges and games elaborated below.

Decentralized tournaments: Decentralized tournaments can be set up and run by users who have BolttCoins. BolttCoins is the only currency that can be used in tournaments. Tournaments can be a large event in league or leader system. The idea is that every participant has to pay some admission fee in BolttCoins to join while brand and corporate sponsors can pitch in with special prizes too. People are able to view the tournament in real time, speak in the chat, and support their favorite players.

Centralized tournaments: Centralized gaming tournaments can be organized by corporates, celebrities, & brands on the platform to promote their cause. These tournaments can be sponsored tournaments to encourage player participation in a particular game and would consist of exciting prizes in BolttCoins or otherwise. There will be an entry fee to join this challenge — after challenge has started — % of users win coins

Custom challenges: Users can create their own challenges with custom rules. They can choose to go solo, invite his/her friends, or join a group of challengers. Users decides the bet amount and sends an invitation to friends.

Interactive map based challenges: Adventure Trails & Digital Marathons — Boltt adventures is a series of immersive challenges on the Boltt Platform that encourages users to get more daily activity by virtually exploring scenic and iconic destinations. They are designed to inspire and motivate users to move more and to virtually take users to places they might not visit otherwise. There are several ways to participate:

· Individual adventures: these are virtual personal challenges with no competitors. Users are given a target destination to reach and along the way, they are encouraged to find preset landmarks and hidden treasures. These are designed to motivate and prepare users to take real-life challenges.

· Group adventures: this is similar to individual adventures but the difference is there can be more than one person. A user can invite his/her friends to participate in the adventure. Users can communicate with each other using inbuilt messaging and track the progress of own and others’ progress. The first user to reach the destination is the winner.

· Daily adventures: the user is challenged daily to reach a set destination, which is set based on users’ past travel data. If the user reaches the daily challenge, the distance for the next day is little increased. This encourages users to become more active on a daily basis. Similar to other adventures, users are encouraged to find preset landmarks and hidden treasures.

Challenges creation process

The different types of challenges explained above are created by a host of APIs and via an admin panel at the backend customized & available to a business post registration.

Business & corporate challenges

Business & Corporates can either self-create challenges on the platform. Alternatively, Boltt can create & host the challenge.

Ways of engagement with community

There are many different ways of engaging with the community via the challenges. It could be via chat, gratification, prizes, broadcast messages, performance leaderboards & rankings.

The chat option enables the participants in the challenge to talk to each other via an inbuilt chat option in the app. This helps users to engage with their friends and colleagues. Gratification includes the prizes to be rewarded to the winners of the challenge. This could either be in the form of sponsored prizes by brands and corporates. Or it could be in the form of a winning pot in the form of BolttCoins. All users have to participate with an entry fee of BolttCoins. The winners have the pot distributed amongst themselves. The leaderboard displays the performance of all participants in one dashboard. This is of importance to the corporates, as the HR/management can view the performance of their employees and help motivate them and encourage healthy competition.

Smart contracts

Boltt will use smart contracts for all challenges & tournaments making it one of the very first decentralized health gaming network. Smart Contracts will help ensure FAIR PLAY by maintaining integrity of prize distribution, pot holding/circulation & game end result logics.


There are different benefits for both the community and the businesses, by participating in or hosting a challenge:

For Communities: It is a gamified way to improve health. It incentivizes users to take more steps and work towards the winning pot. It encourages a group & networking effect where friends would like to call their friends to participate.

For Business: It has “two in one” benefit of promoting health advancement and increasing engagement with employees. For brands, it is also an important tool to increase loyalty and retention.




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