BolttCoin IEO Strategy

Dear Boltt Community,

Initial Exchange Offerings are all the rage in cryptocurrencies these days. Where once Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) were the funding method of choice, that changed during this past year. These days, ICOs are few and far in between, while IEOs are having their time in the sun.

Indeed, IEO has many advantages. First of all, only good tokens are delivered through an exchange.For the project as well, it helps in creating a trustworthy relationship between its community. The IEO is also more stable and secure than an ICO.

As you all know, after raising funds in its Private Sale last year, Boltt Coin cancelled its public ICO ( hard cap 25Mn$).

Instead we focussed on further building and improving our product and taking advantage of the time. We worked on forging key partnerships with global players like Kakao’s Klaytn and other institutions.

We worked on strengthening our advisory panel and community backers. We focussed on Korea as an important geography. Today we are proud to say that we have a large community in Korea and some very strong partners and advisors. We spent the last year in improving our DApp and it is today the 3rd largest with thousands of transactions happening on Blockchain in the App everyday.

Given our mission towards mass adoption of Blockchain via Boltt Coin, Kakao’s Klaytn protocol partnered with us, as it shared the similar vision to revolutionise Blockchain adoption globally.

Given these achievements, we are now conducting an IEO on a popular Korean exchange — Probit. This will help in further strengthening our community and will also lead a true price discovery of the Boltt Coin.

Probit is a rapidly growing Korean Fiat Exchange focusing on providing liquidity for robust tokens. We’re very glad to be working with the Probit Team.

More information will follow.

There will be exciting Bonus structures! The IEO price and the bonus terms will be revealed soon on the IEO page! Watch out.

About Boltt

Boltt Coin is an ecosystem to reward personal Health using cutting edge Blockchain technology. Kakao’s Klaytn Blockchain has partnered with BolttCoin and together the companies are planning mass adoption of Blockchain.

Boltt is an existing company with a ready product, large ecosystem and thousands of users. It is the 3rd Largest DApp, and Boltt Coin is amongst the top 10 trading assets on Waves Blockchain. Boltt Coin also has the largest crypto community.

Boltt Coin :

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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