BolttCoin Journey so far and Roadmap ahead

BolttCoin is a Decentralised Digital Health Economy based on Blockchain. The platform enables monetisation of “user generated & user controlled” Health data & rewards users with BolttCoins upon achieving their health goals. BOLTT Tokens can be spent across a large partner ecosystem both (online & offline) & many other exciting features.

Boltt platform includes Health Tracking, Challenges, Financial Rewards, Product marketpace, Global health ID, Health & Fitness Services and Mobile Wallet, which makes it a complete ecosystem that can incorporate and integrate currently isolated health, fitness, and wellness ecosystems. BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods and services across an already established partner network of 25,000+ merchants and 1,000,000+ products — all of this from day one.

Today we are the fourth largest DApp with thousands of users. We would like to share with our community our journey so far!


1. August 2014 — COMPLETED

Start of development of Boltt — the leading ecosystem for tracking health and fitness via wearables and mobile apps

2. August 2015- COMPLETED

Founded Boltt Health App to track all in one health and fitness

3. September 2016- COMPLETED

Started selling Boltt wearables on major e-commerce platforms. Also expanded into major offline markets. Addition of Wearable devices & sensor forms, heart rate monitors, smart shoes, wrist wearables etc are launched.

4. January 2017- COMPLETED

Boltt becomes #1 Wearable Tech Brand, Boltt Coin Platform Development started.

5. August 2018-COMPLETED

ICO And MVP of the Boltt Coin App in August.

6. September 2018- COMPLETED

Introduction of Smart Contracts Boltt Smart Contracts. Boltt used these contracts for development of the balance ecosystem elements.

7. Dec 2018- COMPLETED

Launch of Boltt Coin DApp globally

8. Jan 2019- COMPLETED

DApp Becomes the fourth largest DApp with Largest Crypto Community

9.June 2019 : Boltt Loyalty Platform

For retailers & employees enables merchants to link their existing loyalty programmes to the Boltt Ecosystem & given rewards in the form of Boltt Coins.

This will be done by June 2019

10. Aug 2019 : Insurance Benefits

Wherein Insurance Companies can reward benefits like discounts on premium in the form of Boltt Tokens to their policyholders basis their health .This will be done by Aug 2019

11. Oct 2019 : Health & Wellness Ecosystem

In which we want to create an In App universe of Health Services, where in users will be able to pay for food delivery, health check ups & fitness trainers in Boltt Coins. This will be done by Oct 2019

12. Dec 2019 : Bills, Utility & Entertainment

This includes Blockchain based mobile payments for travel, utility bills, movies, recharge & more

13. Jan 2020 : Global Expansion

We will be expanding in multiple geographies and taking our platform across the globe.

15. March 2020 : Robust Revenue Model

We have a robust revenue model linked to hardware and software sales.

14. Mar 2021 : STO

We will also be issuing an STO, to link equity to our tokens. The common problem for Tokens investors is that they have no real say in the critical decisions of a company & that they receive no transparency. More importantly, the crypto market is very unstable and many tokens erode in value because of volatility of the major crypto currencies. As a result of this situation, we have taken upon ourself to provide long term value to our investors in the most transparent way. This will be done by distributing company shares and making them a part of the company ownership!

Our differentiators are as under:

And we have one of the largest communities and ecosystems:

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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