BolttCoin : Revenue Model

Revenue Model

The Boltt ecosystem has multiple revenue streams. It follows a subscription model for end users with a nominal monthly subscription fee. Corporates and others who hold social challenges and gamification are charged a maintenance fee. In addition, a commission on marketplace transactions based on the value is levied. In addition, the platform is open for advertising and sponsored contents, which take a CPM revenue model.

Monthly subscriptions on Boltt health reward engine

Users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for this. It is to be as nominal as US$1.5.

Upon taking this subscription, users are eligible to earn BolttCoins by taking steps and improving personal health. The BolttCoins can then be used to purchase different goods and services across the partner network.

Maintenance fees on social challenges & gamification

Corporates, brands, and celebrities can run sponsored health & fitness challenges on the Boltt App for their employees, followers, and consumers. This encourages engagement and drives productivity and loyalty. The winners can win BolttCoins and sponsored prizes.

Boltt will charge a 5% of the sponsored reward amount as for hosting these challenges

Commission fees on m-commerce transactions

The Boltt ecosystem will include over 25,000 retailers & service providers and 01 Mn+ products & services in the App. Users can purchase these goods and services with BolttCoins.

Boltt will take a nominal commission fee on every transaction (3–5%)

Advertisement Revenue

The Boltt Ecosystem serves as a great platform for corporates, brands, and celebrities to run sponsored ad contents. Boltt charges on a CPM model for all sponsored content.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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