BolttCoin: Tech Stack & Implementation

Tech stack and implementation Boltt platform is built on a hybrid technical infrastructure. It uses both on-chain and off-chain records for optimum performance. While all marketplace, health ID and wallet transactions including reward earnings based on steps, challenges, tournaments, algorithms determining the rewards and generation of BolttCoins etc will make use of smart contracts & are recorded on the decentralized ledger, Business algorithms, logic, and AI-based analytics work off the chain and the platform application is hosted on a web server. Boltt platform consists of several tech layers, each serving as a foundation for the next. These layers represent the base for the different ecosystem pillars in the platform

Given below are the frameworks, languages, and software products are to be utilized in the development of Boltt platform.

Retailer integration stack

This serves as a plug in play module for the retailers to get connected with the Boltt ecosystem.

Reward generation stack

All stakeholders are connected to the ecosystem via the Boltt Coins tokens, which serve as medium of transfer of value between all. Retailers and brands award the Boltt coins to the customers as loyalty points for purchase of goods & services via them.

This process activates the universal loyalty program, via which the Boltt Coin tokens are transferred to customer through the Boltt Crypto Wallet. Merchants and users complete purchase, redemption, loyalty transactions using Boltt Coins.

Software development kit

This stack connects Boltt platform to third party applications. This enables third party application users to take advantage of the Boltt Coin Loyalty Program.

Crypto network stack

The stack allows Boltt Tokens to be transferred between network participants & customers to incentivize health advancement. The Boltt Tokens is also used as a tool for engagement and loyalty by the retailer and brands.

The health data is stored with the user and only once the health goal is achieved, the Boltt tokens are credited to the Boltt Crypto Wallet.

Retailers in the Boltt network use Boltt Coins as loyalty points and accept them in exchange for sale of their goods and services.

Boltt wearable sensors

Boltt wearable sensors consist of a range of fitness trackers that track all day steps and activity data most accurately.

Based on a 3-axis accelerometer, the inbuilt sensors are capable of automatic motion detection. Whether the user is walking, running, or jogging, the device will accurately capture steps. It can be indoor or outdoor.

Blockchain protocol

To implement a seamless Blockchain technology, Boltt team has been constantly sticking to some core principles. Few key areas that Boltt has considered while building the tech:

1. Cash & fiat is still the dominant medium of exchange between parties, for the above-mentioned use cases & platform features.

2. Third party intermediaries and brokers are expensive

3. Peer to Peer is the road Boltt wants to eventually take for all Boltt products

4. Smart contracts can be used to automate and create trust between participants

5. Exchange of value should be fast and efficient

6. There has to be a medium for store of value as well

7. Most of this population do not understand crypto, how it works and think it is agnostic

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