BolttCoin, World’s First Health Digital Currency, Poised To Beat Bitcoin, Ethereum And Fitbit Volumes

A combination of unique tokenomics and a robust revenue model lays the foundation for Boltt’s imminent domination

ESTONIA, May 2nd, 2018BolttCoin, the very first health-focused digital currency is expected to challenge the long-standing reign of crypto and health tech giants, in terms of volume of tokens and proprietary wearable technology sold. According to company statistics, and accounting for BolttCoin’s disruptive unit economics (net margin of $3/user/ PA; its minimal fixed costs and nil CAC, as well as its unique tokenomics and robust revenue model), BolttCoin is expected to tower over Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fitbit, acquiring a projected 25-million user base in less than two years.

Boltt’s innovative concept, which was developed by strong accomplished founders and a seasoned team of professionals with the noble cause of improving societal health, entails mining its proprietary tokens, BolttCoins, while users are on-the-go. This means that users carry out the mining process while they are physically active, with the coins mined corresponding to the number of steps they take. Instead of “blockchain” and “proof of stakes”, BolttCoin utilizes a “walkchain” and “proof of steps”, rewarding users for their personal health advancement; encouraging them to stay active, and, as such, follow a healthier lifestyle. Users’ activity is measured through BolttCoin’s eponymous app, while all transactions are facilitated through BolttCoin’s cutting-edge, dual blockchain technology, which has BolttCoins issued simultaneously on the Ethereum and Waves blockchains.

Thanks to its fully-fledged ecosystem, which expands on the concept of mobile health through the integration of wearable tech and AI coaching, BolttCoin app users enjoy great rewards which rely on the monetization of their health data on the blockchain. Additionally, BolttCoin app users will also have exclusive access to goods, services, games and entertainment, all while relishing in the app’s gamification aspect.

Supported by an established business that has already completed Boltt’s POC, as well as the MVP for BolttCoin’s blockchain, BolttCoin has further established a strong partner network, which is growing with each passing day. Owing to global advisory board; powerful tech partnerships; smart use of blockchain technology, and strong token utility, Bolt

tCoin is soon to accomplish many of the pre-set goals and assert its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency market.

In terms of BolttCoin’s potential to become the leading cryptocurrency in terms of transaction volumes, it is calculated that a combined 1 million transactions using Bitcoin and Ethereum take place each day; this number can easily be surpassed by BolttCoin users, which are expected to reach 1 million in less than a year, seeing as every single step they take counts as an earning transaction on the BolttCoin blockchain.

“There are presently only about 3–6 Million active crypto users worldwide. With the mass adoption of BolttCoin, every living person can come to experience blockchain and crypto technology, and earn cryptocurrency just by walking. The crypto community will increase multifold, and BolttCoin’s user base alone can exceed the current number of crypto users” said Mr. Arnav Kishore, Boltt Co-Founder and CEO.

Expanding on his company’s next step following its ICO, which is currently underway and set to conclude on May 20th, 2018, Mr. Kishore said “Boltt’s vision is also to scale to more than 100 countries, and, as such, is now inviting regional partners to take on Boltt’s brand license for their respective geographies.”

“The licensee, once appointed, will be able to sell Boltt Hardware across all channels in their region like online, office, B2B, corporates, institutional. This business has a high-volume potential with healthy gross margins! The partner will also be entitled to a revenue share in Boltt’s software business in that region, which is immensely scalable. As an added advantage, the partner can take part in Boltt’s upcoming Token Sale, at special terms.”

For more information on how to become a Boltt licensee, please fill in the appropriate Contact Us form on the company’s website.

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About Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (along with BolttCoin OÜ, Estonia; collectively, “Boltt,” or the “Company”) is an India-based tech startup venture providing fit-tech wearables and related software and services. It has already been to market with product for 2 years, and has tens of thousands of retail end-users (or more). In order to enhance participation and improve outcomes for its customers, it has planned to create blockchain-based version of its system and services. This will be done by creating a blockchain coin/token-based “ecosystem” for users to earn and spend coins primarily for fitness-related goods and services.

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