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Founded in 2015, Boltt is an end-to-end tech solution provider that improves the health of the users by incentivizing them with reward tokens, leveraging blockchain and health gamification. Today, Boltt is considered as one of the leading Mobile Health Tech Companies in the field of wearable tech & gamified health apps.

Boltt has bagged many prestigious awards including the Frost & Sullivan Companies to Action Award 2017 in the wearable technology category and has been featured in top media & press publications. It has showcased & won awards for its solution across reputed tech platforms like Tech Crunch and CES.

Boltt’s existing Wearable’s & App have a captive user base of 100,000 users acquired in just 4 months.

Boltt is now launching a Social Health Gamification Platform, which rewards users with a cryptocurrency called BolttCoins based on the users’ physical activity or health data. BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods and services across a large partner ecosystem. They can also be used as a tool of engagement and loyalty and can be linked to existing loyalty programs of retailers, brands, and service providers. In addition, BolttCoins can be offered in the form of policy discounts by health insurance companies.

Boltt has a live network of 25000 retailers selling 1 Mn products using the Boltt Coin, within the App. It also has many coprorates & brands that have signed up for the platform.

How are you different? / Why will you do well?

Some of our key differentiators are explained as under:


1.Revolutionary Social Health Gamification Platform

Boltt is a Mobile Health based Social Gamification platform that promotes health advancement by rewarding the user’s actions towards staying healthy & fit. It essentially gamifies health, in a way that has not been done before. And gamification makes fitness fun! The Boltt technology offers an innovative way to get people of all ages off the couch.

The rewards are harnessed in the form of Boltt Coins which can be used to purchase goods & services across a massive partner network. Boltt platform is based on a scalable tech stack and integrates many ecosystem players in a seamless manner ensuring trust and privacy as the transactions are conducted over blockchain.The Boltt platform captures data that was previously inaccessible to the ecosystem players and as a result it is an able to offer highly valuable insights to retailers/merchants/brands/ service providers and insurance companies.

The Boltt platform is a plug & play solution and follows strict privacy and regulatory compliances, as all transactions are conducted over Blockchain.

2.Massive Use Cases spanning across industries

Boltt is not just solving an isolated problem in a single industry. It is not only promoting health advancement by motivating people to take more steps & rewarding them with BolttCoins But it is also solving an underlying problem that spans across all business — “how to connect & engage with your users better”.

Since the Boltt Coins can be used by any Business — Corporates, Retailers, Brands, Insurers, Service providers etc, to offer loyalty offers and discounts, the Platform acts as an important driver for user engagement within these industries.

3. Product Live in the Market with great Traction

The Boltt platform is already live in the market and deployed across different industry pillars, representing each pillar in the Boltt ecosystem.

4. Use of a Dual Blockchain Architecture

Boltt will make use of blockchain technology based on a dual blockchain protocol to record the individual health records, marketplace, exchange, and wallet transactions. The BolttCoin will be one of the first crypto Token to be simultaneously issued on the Waves platform and the Ethereum platform. Using a cool new technology comprised of a web interface, locked wallets and smartcontracts on the Ethereum side, Boltt Tokens will be dynamically interchangeable from one blockchain to another as the end user wishes.

Boltt has tied up with several large and well-known partners that, in their essence, are the world’s most significant corporate entities & celebrities.

It has a live network of 25000 retailers selling close to 1 Million products across different categories using the BolttCoins.

When was the company launched?

Founded in 2015, Boltt initially developed a mobile app to track health and fitness and then, a range of fitness wearables including smart fitness trackers & advanced sensors covering all the aspects of one’s health from activity, sleep to nutrition and fitness. Boltt sold close to 50,000 fitness devices & got 100,000 App downloads in under a quarter of its launch.

Later, Boltt started its research and development into launching the social health and fitness gamification platform known as Boltt Platform that makes use of AI & Blockchain to incentivize & reward health with step earnings & gamified challenges.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We solved the problem of Engagement / Retention within the M Health Sector. Previously people were buying wearables/using Health App, but dropping off at an alarming rate, as they did not know what to do with the data.

We have a community of 30,000 monthly active users who are engaged with our products & services. This has been possible because we added exciting elements of gamification, AI based insights & fun challenges within our app.

We were able to take Health mainstream. We built a partner network across industries including Ecommerce & Financial Services.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Boltt appeals to a wide range of individual and commercial audiences with many different use cases from individual health improvement to promoting products and services by the corporates.

End users — users from all age groups and all segments can take part in the BolttCoin ecosystem.

Corporates who want to drive employee productivity and engage with their employees

Employees who want to earn rewards in the form of BolttCoins

Retailers who want to run loyalty programs with BolttCoins

Brands that want to run engagement programs with their Consumers

Celebrities who want to run engagement and awareness programs with their fans

Insurance providers who want to reward their customers with policy discounts based on health

Service providers who want to run engagement programs with their customers

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Tell us about your team?

Boltt Crew is made up of top professionals and developers with extensive experience. The team is constantly growing and evolving to ensure that it can meet the expectations of the community and create a unique platform.

Our 40 member team includes blockchain developers, data scientists, mobile ops, backend/frontend developers, marketing experts, engineers & operations professionals

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What are your plans for the future?

Boltt wants to create a connected community which is healthier & fitter.

We are on a mission to continuously motivate people to encourage them to be more active and keep alive their desires for a healthier lifestyle. We are leveraging the vast possibilities of technology to support people who practice an active lifestyle for health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Do you have an MVP planned soon?

Boltt is releasing the MVP of the Boltt Coin App in India by May.

The Boltt Coin app in beta will consist of all platform features with a limited implementation of the marketplace. The platform will feature the “Boltt Shop” with over 25000 merchants & 1000000 products, just in time for the Pre-ICO.

The System will be working on Waves Blockchain with real user data. This will help us prepare smart contracts and get feedback from the community, real users and make sure that this solution is viable.

Beta version of the product

Goal of Beta version:

How is BolttCoin Mined?

Word’s first digital health currency, mined by physical activity

BolttCoins can be mined, not by computing power, but by simple steps and personal health achievements.

Typically you earn BTC(Bitcoin) by using your graphics card to solve complex equations in hopes of finding the next block of coins, known as mining.
BolttCoin (BOLTT) is similar, but different, in that you use your real life steps to generate BTC. It’s not random whether or not you find coins — it is guaranteed.

BolttCoin users can start earning in as little as 6 minutes.

BolttCoin is to become the first ever, “digital health currency” connecting masses and many other stakeholders across current health, fitness, and wellness ecosystems.

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Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain