Decentralizing the digital health economy: The Boltt Strategy

Boltt has taken it upon itself to revolutionize the digital health economy by harnessing myriad of opportunities offered by blockchain technology. It’s simple, Boltt aims to take fitness and wellness to the next level by leveraging on the core values of blockhain technology such as decentralization, transparency, cross-border accessibility and incentivization through its token, Bolttcoin — the jewel of all tokens.

Boltt understands that since blockchain technology now has a wide felt impact on the operation of financial services worldwide by changing the way data and information are stored and transferred, it is envisaged to impact the health sector and change the traditional way of doing things. With this in mind, Boltt has created a blockchain technology controlled platform that incentivizes people that performs physical activities so as to serve as motivation to improve societal health.

How is this done?

Boltt aims to decentralize the digital health sector by taking the control of the sector from the hand of central authorities and diabolical oligarchs and hand it over to the common people. With this, individuals will not only rely on desire to carry out exercises and fitness activities but will also look at the financial motivation that follows suit.

Through the creation of smart contracts, Boltt will tokenize and users activities and ensure security of earnings. Smart contracts for this project are written in Ethereum Solidity on Wave platform which will allow cross border participation.

We strongly believe that Engagement, Gamification & Loyalty are at the core of the success of every successful venture and there is no singular platform that provides all three in the niche. Boltt then move to solve one of the biggest problems in personal health (lack of motivation for personal health improvement) using this strategy. While solving this primary problem, Boltt’s solution successfully provides answers to several other major gaps and pain points in current healthcare ecosystems such as lack of engagement and loyalty for the stakeholders. Boltt creates an ecosystem of real-life partnerships with retailers, merchants, corporates, service providers, insurance companies, and an integration of gamification, blockchain and distributed ledger technology that aims towards increasing engagement & loyalty based on improved health.

Using a cool new technology that is made up of an awesome web interface, locked wallets and smartcontracts on the Ethereum side, Boltt tokens will be dynamically interchangeable from one blockchain to another as the end user pleases. Both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains offer unique functionality. Ethereum’s smart contracts open the way for Challenges & Tournaments, Marketplace transactions, amongst many other use cases.

Below are some of the Core Components of Boltt

Health Reward

· Enables to earn/mine BolttCoins with steps & personal health achievements.

Boltt engagement & gamification

· Enables creating challenges, tournaments, and games from sponsored brands, celebrities, and corporates to reward participants. In addition, it enables merchants to create loyalty programs on the Boltt platform.

Boltt Decentralized Marketplace

· Enables product listing and sale while opening up a host of other uses including insurance benefits, utility bill payments, entertainment bookings, offline shops and more.

Boltt Identity Management and Health ID

· Provides a digital identity to every individual user. This will be one global health ID on the Blockchain that provides a higher level of security and privacy and available on demand.

Boltt Crypto Wallet

· Enables access to all financial services in the Boltt ecosystem. Multiple top up and cash out options, holding fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, money transfer, bill payments & a decentralized exchange

Lying in the core of every worthwhile blockchain project is a team of expert professionals and an active community. Boltt is on the verge of transforming the fitness and wellness niche and it has everything in place to ensure efficient achievement of it set goals.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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