Earn Cryptocurrency for Taking Steps — Boltt — World’s first Digital Health Token, To Launch ICO

BolttCoin Is Poised To Transform Societal View Of Health Through Its Social Gamification Platform

April 24, 2018 — In an effort to accelerate its growth, and bolster its internal expansion, infrastructure, marketing and R&D efforts, BolttCoin is proud to announce the imminent launch of its ICO for its proprietary digital currency, the Bolttcoin (BOLTT) tokens. The pre-sale is set to begin on 20th May 2018.

Designed as the ultimate digital health currency for the masses, the BolltCoin tokens will disrupt the cryptocurrency scene, targeting to become the largest traded digital token within an internal ecosystem, right after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company’s aim is to connect stakeholders and the wider population spread across current health, fitness, and wellness ecosystems, all while simultaneously promoting a healthier lifestyle in communities across the globe.

“BolttCoin is the world’s first digital currency operating with a broader scope, in terms of not only having multiple real-life applications, but also relying on a core mission to improve global health through its very premise, which can be best summed up as “Walking and Earning”. BolltCoin will help anyone earn money-in Hindi, we call it “Chalo Aur Kamao”,” said Mr. Arnav Kishore, Bollt Co-Founder and CEO.

BolltCoin tokens can be mined exclusively through measuring data from physical activity, namely the number of steps taken by each user, which will be tracked through Bollt’s Health App, as well as the company’s proprietary wearable devices.

“Users get to be rewarded for their physical activity, in the form of BolttCoin tokens, with each and every one of their steps acting as a mining means for increasing their double investment — in both their health and wealth.”

Instead of the widely-used cryptocurrency jargon “blockchain” and “proof of stakes”, BolttCoin uses “walkchain” and “proof of steps” instead, reflecting its unique nature, which is that of blockchain-based online gamification platform which is simultaneously issued on the Waves and Ethereum platforms. This dual-blockchain protocol approach incorporates a decentralized ledger within the company’s proprietary centralized platform, enabling large-scale cryptocurrency transactions whose level of transparency and security is unprecedented.

More specifically, all transactions on the Bollt platform take place on the blockchain and are facilitated by the distributed ledger technology. By employing this technology, the company succeeds in providing gratification in a manner that is safe, unbiased and secure, while at the same time increasing user engagement and offering stronger monetization incentives, too.

In addition to being rewarded for staying active, BolttCoin platform users will further be able to participate in the platform complete health ecosystem, which includes a marketplace; a mobile wallet; a payment solution, and a personalized global health ID, issued for each user. Users will further be able to increase their BolltCoin token reserves and win exciting prizes by participating in interactive peer-to-peer matches and tournaments hosted on the BolltCoin platform, and sponsored by corporations, brands and celebrities.

BolltCoin platform users will be able to purchase goods and services across the platform’s exclusive partner network, while retailers will be able to link the BolttCoin platform to theirs existing loyalty programs. The technology behind the BolltCoin platform, as well as the platform itself, are ready to be deployed for mass adoption, while the company has already created an exhaustive partner network, which counts over 25,000 merchants and in excess of 1 million products affiliated with the platform.

The BolttCoin platform and its eponymous token have tremendous potential for mass application and adoption across several industries, relevant brands and corporations, including, but not limited to insurance companies; fitness and wellness facilities; healthcare entities, retailers, and more. It is also expected that celebrities will be using the BolltCoin platform to host contests and other events to effectively increase their fan base.

Since 2015 establishment, Boltt has managed to become the second largest wearable tech player based in India, positioning itself as a market leader and gaining a sizeable, dedicated audience through its highly successful AI-based app Boltt Health. The company has already invested over $3 million dollars in research and development, aiming to continuously improve its product and adapt to any emerging technological advancements with regards to health monitoring.

Owing to its projected $1 billion dollar GMV within the next five years and overall accessibility, BolttCoin is projected to surpass Bitcoin’s returns and become an attractive investment both in terms of wealth storage and daily transactional means.

The Bollt platform is supported by an all-powerful advisory panel comprised of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, while it has received funding from industry veterans.

The BolttCoin concept is expected to go viral on a worldwide level, so those interesting in participating in its ICO are advised to act fast so as to get their share of BolttCoin’s $50 million hard cap.

Boltt Coin ICO Details:

Private Sales Start:

May 20, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale:

5,000,00,000 BOLTT (50%)

Tokens exchange rate:

1 ETH = 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC = 70,000 BOLTT

Acceptable currencies:


Minimal transaction amount:

1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

The BolttCoin whitepaper and one-pager can be accessed here and here, respectively.

No further information is available at this time. Boltt will release all further details with regards to project milestones in future communications with the press.

To learn more about BolttCoin, please visit: www.bolttcoin.io

To keep up with BolttCoin news and updates, please visit: www.blog.bolttcoin.io

About Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (along with BolttCoin OÜ, Estonia; collectively, “Boltt,” or the “Company”) is an India-based tech startup venture providing fit-tech wearables and related software and services. It has already been to market with product for 2 years, and has tens of thousands of retail end-users (or more). In order to enhance participation and improve outcomes for its customers, it has planned to create blockchain-based version of its system and services. This will be done by creating a blockchain coin/token-based “ecosystem” for users to earn and spend coins primarily for fitness-related goods and services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Boltt Coin
Contact Person: Arnav Kishore
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91–9810356223
Country: Estonia
Website: www.bolttcoin.io

Originally published at www.digitaljournal.com.

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