Giesecke & Devrient Joins Hands with Boltt to Revolutionize Wearable Linked Payments

First off, we thank you for all of your continued support! The entire Boltt team has been working on various partnerships to drive maximum value for the BOLTT products.

Today we are excited to announce a new strategic alliance between Boltt and the global leader in security products & electronic payments — Giesecke & Devrient

Boltt is a decentralised digital health platform based on Blockchain powered by user generated & user controlled data.

G+D is the Global Leader in security products and solutions like electronic payment, mobile devices / sim card management, etc. amongst others.
With over 160 years of experience, G+D is actively helping shape one of the most important trends of the future: security. The long established technology group creates confidence in global payment transactions, modern communication, digital identities, and data security, by providing innovative products and solutions.(

Both companies are to collaborate and work towards combing mutual strengths to penetrate the Indian market with a unique product solution around “Payment Enabled Wearables

While Boltt’s expertise rests in Mobile Health Technology & Hardware, the G+D specializes in Payments, Transit and Security Solutions.

As a result of this collaboration, both Boltt & G+D will work towards developing a unique Payment-enabled wearable Solution. This product solution will have several use cases and mass application benefits.

As a secure, convenient mobile and wearable payment option, it will be one of India’s pioneer products in this space.

This solution will also include additional functionality to provide support for new use cases such as access, ticketing, and health monitoring.

This Wearable Solution will also serve as an attractive marketing opportunity for financial institutions, events, and even transit agencies

Boltt and G+D are poised to help multiple industries & institutions with secure, convenient mobile and wearable payment options.

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