Introducing Boltt Protocol

The True Decentralised Health Network

Unleashing the true power of Health Data for Users, Organisations and Developers using Blockchain Tech.

Boltt Protocol, for the first time empowers users to control, own & monetise their health data.It enables organisations to derive and analyse meaningful insights from the population.


The health and fitness sector owns an insurmountable volume of complex and intricate data, being stored in insolation.

  • Users do not have access or control over their own health data and are not able to monetise it
  • The data is unable to connect together thus losing on the powerful insights that can be generated from an aggregate data, by organisations.
  • Developers are unable to access large health data sets to build powerful health care applications.

Boltt uses Blockchain technology, to empower users and for the first time enable user driven monetisation of health data,while keeping the data integrity intact.

Solution : The Boltt Protocol


  • Our platform provides continuous access to personal health data from over 350 in-home medical devices and wearables.
  • Access your health data from your doctor’s office, pharmacy,EHRs,Labs, patient portals, mobile apps, fitness tracker, and anywhere else it’s stored.
  • Take back control of the data in your hands and own it


  • Boltt Protocol enables permission based sharing of your data with the people and organizations that help you manage your health.
  • Using Smart Contracts and decentralised storage on the Blockchain,we enable privacy and secure data transfer.


  • Users are rewarded with Boltt Tokens for contributing to the network by sharing their personal health data.
  • Once the data is transmitted on the public network, the information providers get rewards with using blockchain in a completely transparent manner.
  • Users can use Boltt Tokens to avail Products and services, being offered by the organisations on the health and fitness marketplace
  • Boltt Marketplace will enable personalised commerce by allowing customers to be exposed to their most desired products.


  • Organisations and developers can access these large structured data sets of the population to make informed decisions.
  • Easily access large, valuable datasets with transparent, fair pricing & Place bid for data
  • Enabling them to derive and analyse meaningful insights from the data.
  • The delivery of these data sets will be via custom APIs and decentralised storage solutions on the network.
  • The Boltt network will encompass a highly focussed health community, enabling the Health Organisations to market their products and services effectively using intelligent data insights.
  • Enable Delivery of personalized ads and offers based on customer activity analysis.


The following organisations will be interested to access user data to improve and change their health solutions for the population :

1.Hospitals & Health Systems

2.Healthcare IT companies

3.Wellness Companies

4.Pharmaceutical Companies

5.Payers and Insurance

6.Device Manufacturers and App developers

The Boltt Token

The Boltt Token ( an ERC 20 Tokens) is the primary medium of economic activity and exchange within the Boltt Protocol.

  • Boltt Protocol’s token utility model ensures consistent high demand for the Boltt Token, generated by all ecosystem stakeholders.
  • The users/patients contribute data to the Platform and in return receive Boltt Tokens.
  • Organisations will be able to data on the platform via Blockchain technology.
  • To access this,organisations will have to stake a certain number of BOLTT tokens on the Boltt platform. The amount of BOLTT staked will define how much access is given to the dataset.
  • All organisations will need to buy the Boltt Tokens, in order to stake them on the platform to access user data.
  • To individual users, Boltt Tokens is used as a means to avail platform features.

The above ENSURES high continued demand generation for the BOLTT TOKEN

** Basis popular feedback from reputed institutional funds and Token Modelling experts, we have upgraded our Tokenomics, to burn the earlier DApp reserves ( 16 Million, 9% ), reducing the supply. The Boltt Tokens in the Boltt Protocol ecosystem, will have to be bought by Organisations who will be staking them on the Platform in exchange for user Health Data. These Tokens will then be distributed to the users in the form of rewards.

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