Klaytn Mainnet Launch — Partner DAPP’s witnessing a surge

This mainnet launch is creating a huge upside for Partner DApps

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Korea Blockchain scene seems to be heating up, as Klaytn gears up for its Mainnet launch in less than 2 days.

Klaytn — the biggest Blockchain platform is scheduled to launch its mainnet this week. Klaytn has partnered with well-reputed DApps and brands from across the globe.

The Klaytn mainnet launch is creating a huge upside for all its Partner DApps with increasing expectations of investors in all these projects.

Example — Boltt Coin made its IEO debut on a popular Korean exchange today. It sold out its Round 1 is a few milliseconds, followed by selling out Round 2 in 1 second! This was a record!

Boltt Coin is now gearing up for its consecutive rounds.

“ Retail investors are returning to Crypto Investments in hordes” going by the amazing response to our first 2 rounds of IEO, said Arnav Kishore, CEO at Boltt Coin.

Boltt is a forerunner in the mobile health & wearable-tech space that came up with the the digital health currency — BolttCoin. It enables its users to track, analyse, and monetise their health data that is generated and controlled by the users.

Klaytn’s partnership with Boltt Coin will explore applications of Blockchain in the Health, Fitness and Gamification, as almost first of its kind.

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Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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