Nucleus Vision Is the New Strategic Investor in Boltt Coin

In a bid to accelerate an envisioned dream of India being a major powerhouse in blockchain technology, Nucleus Vision collaborates with one of India’s top health currencies — Boltt Coin to improve blockchain protocols in the country.

Nucleus Vision has recently invested in Boltt Coin and the company’s CEO and Founder, Abhishek Pitti has come on board as a Strategic Investor and Advisor to Boltt Coin.

Boltt Coin is a decentralized Health & Sports Economy based on Blockchain. The platform enables monetisation of user generated and user controlled health data and rewards users with BolttCoins upon achieving their health goals. Bollt Coin, an ecosystem to incentivise personal health leverages cutting edge blockchain technology in wearable technology and mobile health solutions, solving one of the greatest problems in the world today — lack of motivation towards health improvement.

“The Boltt Coin product pillars include a Health Reward Engine, community challenges & gamification, a decentralised marketplace, unique health ID and a crypto wallet. A synergy between our offers, services, and Nucleus Vision’s blockchain technology will be a revolution in India and the world. As part of the partnership, Boltt will accept nCash Tokens in its Token Generation Event.” A spokesman for Bollt Chain said excitedly, when explaining the partnership.

Nucleus Vision is a blockchain technology firm with a goal of making India a global leader in the blockchain technology frontier. Nucleus Vision has been in operations in India for more than three years now. After raising India’s largest token sale, Nucleus Vision brings the brightest technological minds in the country to co-create a next generation, homegrown blockchain protocol that is tailored to Indian needs in a bid to demonstrate India’s strength in technological development and adding value to the global blockchain ecosystem.

“The Nucleus Vision team has been working on various partnerships over the years in order to drive maximum value for the nCash token. Today, we are excited to announce that Nucleus Vision has partnered with Boltt Coin — a one-of-a-kind health currency. This partnership allows members of the Nucleus Vision community to use nCash in Boltt’s upcoming token generation event as Boltt will soon be launched on the Eleven01” Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision said, enlightening the public about the new partnership between both companies.

To learn more about the Bollt Coins, Nucleus Vision and the new partnership, please visit Boltt’s website or Nucleus Vision’s website.

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