We welcome Chong Ok Rae to our Advisory Panel!

Signing the agreement

Chong Ok Rae is now on our advisory panel. With his immense intelligence and guidance Boltt Coin will benefit in various ways and the path to the top becomes accessible.

Chong Ok Rae is the Director, Korea Consulting Industry Association (KCIA) and Korea Consultancy Industry Association. The Korea Consulting Industry Association is a non-profit organization composed of 850 domestic and foreign management consulting firms. Most consulting firms in Korea are subscribed to the consulting association.

He is also the director at Federation of Korean KATUSA Soldiers. The KATUSA Soldiers will be selected through a public recruitment at the Army General Administrative School. They will receive a basic education at KATUSA Training Academy (ROK Army Training Center) Respectively. These KATUSA Soldiers serve in the US Army units and live with the US Army, but they are part of the ROK Army Corps, a ROK Army Corps, serving for 24 months in accordance with the Army Service Act.

As of 2006, KATUSA Soldiers are deployed in over 70 of USFK camps in Korea, with nearly 3/7 of USFK deployed. They carry out various missions such as infantry, artillery, armor, engineer, supply from communication, administration, military police. The role of the KATUSA Soldiers is to help USFK do its duty smoothly for the defense of the Korean peninsula. USFK is conducting a ROK-US combined defense operation, but it is not familiar with Korea’s geography, language and culture. Therefore, the intermedial role of KATUSA Soldiers connecting the ROK and the US forces is very important in enhancing the combined power of the two countries.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

He was the Procurement Specialist at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. As the Procurement Specialist he was responsible to under limited supervision, to source & place Purchase Orders, work with Vendors, 3PL, and Factories located globally. He had to support assigned organizations to fulfill procurement needs and requirements of product development projects and activities.
Conduct Supplier Evaluations, and Quarterly Business Reviews. Maintaining the master materials data. Analysis of inventory levels based upon parts usage, lead-time to delivery and current balance on-hand and future demands. Interfaces with vendors and customers on a daily basis to ensure parts orders are filled in an accurate and timely manner. Developing and creating reports on key performance metrics on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Tracking orders and shipping status and modifies and maintains entries.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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