Out of the many different ICOs on the market offering diverse options for our need, BolttCoin’s ICO stands out from the rest of the ICO’s and here’s everything you need to know why.

With a vast majority of the ICO’s focused on decentralizing of technological products like AI, VR and Social Network or even predicting stocks, BolttCoin focuses on one of the most important aspects of our life, physical health. BolttCoin is the FIRST ICO across a platform that rewards its users for their personal health advancement. World’s first ever ‘Digital Health Currency,’ i.e BolttCoin is a giant of an ICO that will revolutionize the world and how communities interact with each other with their very own BOLTT COINS.

Out of the many reasons why BolttCoin stands out, the top 5 are:

  1. You get rewarded just for staying healthy. BolttCoin connects masses and stakeholders accross health, fitness and wellness ecosystems which can be mined by simple steps and personal health achievements.
  2. Its mass application and huge demand. Health is a global concern and there is an inherent appeal to the masses for the same. This platform proves to be an incentive for users to continue earning Bolt Coins while staying healthy which can be spent to purchase goods and services on the Boltt ecosystems and across a huge partner network. There are many promising use cases for corporates, retailers, insurers and buyers which also include celebrities and these use cases have tremendous potential to generate a huge demand for BolttCoin.
  3. It is a unique platform that goes viral. The concept introduced in BolttCoin’s ICO is one that can disrupt the existing mobile health ecosystem. The innovative concept involves social health gamification with monetary rewards for physical activity. It also includes various other features like marketplace, global health ID, payment solution and mobile wallet making incorporation and integration with the currently isolated health, fitness and wellness ecosystem more efficient, stable and effortless.
  4. Use of dual blockchain. BolttCoin offers gratification in a secure, simple and unbiased manner by leveraging the power of Blockchain Boltt and by doing so, increasing seamless engagement and stronger monetization methods. Boltt uses a dual blockchain protocol that allows the users to take maximum advantage and benefits of both Ethereum and Waves based tokens. BolttCoin will be one of the first crypto token to be issued simultaneously on the Waves platform and the Ethereum platform which proves to be profitable to the user and even more valuable to the investor.
  5. Cause of health advancement. Boltt is on a mission to regardlessly motivate people to encourage them to become more active and keep alive their desires for a healthier lifestyle and once achieved, to continue to sustain it. Boltt explores and levers the vast possibility of technology to support the people who practice an active lifestyle for health, fitness and wellbeing.

BolttCoin intorduces a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain developed and integrated by a phenomenal group of industry veterans possessing extensive experience in sports tech, health and fitness.

This should be incentive enough to join BolttCoin as it is simple enough to understand and deals with a real life problem which this serves as a mass appeal and high demand to investors who are new to the crypto realm. I highly recommend looking into BolttCoin.

Originally published at medium.com.

Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin” Introducing a Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain

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