Yes its true! Boltt coin is distributing company shares to its Pre Sale Institutional Investors

In the last few months the state of the crypto world has been unsatisfactory to say the least. Lots of companies conducted ICOs. While there were a lot of good and genuine projects, there were also quite a few scam projects with empty promises.

In light of this uncertain sentiment in the market, Boltt Coin has decided to take a stand to show extreme trust and credibility to its investors.

We are going to be distributing 25% of the company shares along with tokens to all institutional investors who participate in Boltt’s upcoming Pre Sale. With this, we are also adding an IPO to out roadmap.

The common problem for Tokens investors is that they have no real say in the critical decisions of a company & that they receive no transparency. More importantly, the crypto market is very unstable and many tokens erode in value because of volatility of the major crypto currencies. As a result of this situation, we have taken upon ourself to provide long term value to our investors in the most transparent way. This will be done by distributing company shares and making them a part of the company ownership! We want to change the face of crypto world. We want to make it “Safe” & “Secure” & “Transparent”.

The institutional investors will get multifold benefits:

  • Access to Tokens that can be traded on the exchange
  • Equity Shares to become Boltt Coin Shareholders
  • Real participation in company decision making
  • Real tangible value for their investment

This will allow Boltt coin to become a truly multi — purpose token. This additional value to the investors in the terms of company’s ownership is key to its success in the future.

As per Boltt Coin CEO Arnav Kishore, “ Boltt coins aims at creating a long term value for all its investors. It is delivering a real product to inspire people to be healthier and fitter. This is a solution being adopted by the mass market independent from the entire crypto economy. Boltt has a series of Wearable Technology products and an App that converts Steps into money. It is an entire ecosystem around health, fitness & activity based gratification. Our objective it to lead to big behavioural change, when it comes to fitness.

We are a three year old company with significant captive users and revenue. The Blockchain based Boltt Coin App was a natural extension for us, when we realised that people needed strong motivation to stay healthy. Our mission is to grow Boltt Coin into a powerful company and to conduct an IPO in the future. Unlike other businesses we want our Token holders to be part of this journey and benefit form the long term value creation”

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